Monday, 15 September 2014

Unkind and Unfair!

Unkind and Unfair!
I am Silas,
these days.
With one judge and twice William.
I'm not an inhabitant of Lantern yard.

The Williams;
One lies, with no reason. 
No fumble to pronounce those evil lines.
No slam from my side. 

The next, 
Who completely threw;
his Garbage over me,
Also no fumble, 
As no proof with me.

The judge, 
reflected on an angle,
of this conspiracy,
wants to draw the lots.
Over my innocent side
Lays the disturbed personality of me.

So unkind, so unfair,
When originality distorts!
When known get unknown
And their ideation just revolts,
The true one seems uncertain and torn,
But remember when he will roar,
The world of the fake will just terminate!