Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Old School

So much,
Feels so less. Can't my
Life end here? It's hard to
Believe this truth,
I'm sad!

I can't leave, the
Place that was so
Love-ful to me.

Natural beauty, so beautiful!
Teachers as kind as parents,
Even more though!
The staff, so caring, as soft
As cotton! White and Kind.

Uncertain of what to say, 
everything seems so touching,
Yet too hard to believe. 
After these long years, I feel 
impossible to learn somewhere else.

I aren't able to convey,
all that I want to say.
Rather, I would cry in the deep

I regret,
Feel proud!

New school, but the same!

Life surrenders,
where I'm going to go,
The nature is tamed,
Crucial, clustered,
And all Structured!

Not peaceful,
As the previous one!
Quakes of Pride and Castes.
But, I don't know how Happiness
Inhabits here!

Tearing even more, 
Though torn, a
Place so unnatural,
I don't know how can,
Knowledge flow here!

I am migrating to a new school,
But the Same!