Saturday, 6 May 2017

It's been a while...

It's been a while since I've written...
Things have altered, and life too. Maturity and clumsiness are growing over me, rendering helplessness, diminishing enthusiasm, and a dying passion. Well, not every picture says a thousand words, this one clearly not! The one that I just painted onto your gray matter.

Or maybe it does, but holds on to the rest – an infinite number of expressions that are worthy of painting a paper blue, yet don't suffice to define what I feel. The picture might have a countenance, a mask of a thousand words presumably, however, what is abdominal remains unblemished alike flesh.

To be broken...
To be broken... Uh.
To be broken... Cry...
Could it be any more obvious? It's abstruse, as I mentioned earlier. Meagre is a dictionary, best put!
Life is miserable and hopeless, and chewy to manage.
Short and sweet I kept it for you, although it's sour up my throat.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Walking currently:

I won, not
A prize, a battle,
A competition,
Nor a draw.

I won, not
Any tangible,
But maturation,
In the humanity's maw.

Possessing power,
A visage deserted of covetousness,
On behalf of my heart,
That only intended to aid.

A few steps backwards:

Extreme possession,
of that uncontrollable ability.
Led me to reflect myself internally:
Sheer obsession to aid.
Though and yet I suffered:
Sheer ignorance
Sheer ostracisation
Sheer dispair
Until and after
The sky clad itself,
A farewell to the sun,
Which wasn't ever bright enough,
To fight the darkness that followed it.

Forecasting the end of my trail:

Fate, a misery.
Even when success lies at my feet,
Jealous rest, grasp my chemise,
Willing to eat me off,
To suppress and bury
That wonderful ability:
Later I mastered.
All that
To manifest a superior margin
Of themselves.

I won, not.
A question indeed,
A vanquished fight against the resentful: just like a sacrificial piece,
Or, loosing that power, strong enough to impact the world?
Like an argument is whirling in my head which I can't overcome,
Like the palpable situation, I won or not?

Monday, 29 February 2016

Unwarranted challenge!

I am thinking,
about walking,
walking continuously,
 Not noticing,
The successive hindrances.

Whilst thinking,
And dreaming,
I was letting myself topple,
Over the roads of life.

It's a challenge,
Huh, so unwarranted!
So acclimatised I am,
Within the radar of prejudices,
Judgements, claims etc.
All of them, enacting,
To be so formal,
But yet, unintelligent here. 

Huh, yet not noticing, I walk!
Towards falling and
Approaching the hindrances,
Further on a path, towards success!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Perplexed you are!

Oh boy, oh boy, don’t be so Jealous,
There comes a point when everyone possesses the thrive,
It's nobody, but god, who can tell us,
For what’s the reality and the speculative.

Once in a while, Julius Caesar,
A great leader, shortly for a course,
Was contaminated as a mugger.
Try not to do that with me once more, Brutus! 
You'll pick the wrong path.

You’re confused,
Perplexed you are!
Let the clouds downpour,
Be open to a clear sky,
That'd be the point,
 at which you'd perceive the gospel.

At last, 
Why would I fib?

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Where do I live?

This is where I live,
The world I can’t believe
To exist.

This is where I live,
Pride assumes control over life,
Dagger over a thumb.

Oh, this is where I live!
Where divinity is over believed,
Religion takes over life.

Oh, is this where I live?
Carry me away, 
Oh not you divine being,
I command my sleep.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I am not Foolish!

No I am not foolish, 
I see what's on while what's off. 
When always behind 
The arras you stay, 
I am always known 
Of what you think is unknown. 

Your desperation to conspire and trail along my footsteps,
Wears a coat of jealousy. It kills you and your replicated efforts 
And doth like a failure, with a trespass through your heart 
And sting you till the most extreme end of your soul, that outs
Your jealousy!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Un-acceptance Questioned

Where someone,
Thinks slightly long,
There's of course a blissful song!
That sun, no I didn't reach it.

Though as bright as other stars
In the galaxy; though with them
At same place, me appears so much away
And blown out. 
Maybe, I am just talking of humans!?

Benefited of my light, could be the rest,
when, I do, or, will do my best!
My light, even though evenly bright and vivid,
not accepted as such, maybe. 
Is It Only Me? Yes?

Lastly, will never stop questioning
To the world: 
 Un-acceptance is