Wednesday, 23 September 2015

I am not Foolish!

No I am not foolish, 
I see what's on while what's off. 
When always behind 
The arras you stay, 
I am always known 
Of what you think is unknown. 

Your desperation to conspire and trail along my footsteps,
Wears a coat of jealousy. It kills you and your replicated efforts 
And doth like a failure, with a trespass through your heart 
And sting you till the most extreme end of your soul, that outs
Your jealousy!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Un-acceptance Questioned

Where someone,
Thinks slightly long,
There's of course a blissful song!
That sun, no I didn't reach it.

Though as bright as other stars
In the galaxy; though with them
At same place, me appears so much away
And blown out. 
Maybe, I am just talking of humans!?

Benefited of my light, could be the rest,
when, I do, or, will do my best!
My light, even though evenly bright and vivid,
not accepted as such, maybe. 
Is It Only Me? Yes?

Lastly, will never stop questioning
To the world: 
 Un-acceptance is